Nutrition tips for your active children

Make sure you are providing your active kids with sufficient energy by including a variety of nutrient-rich foods in specific quantities for meals and snacks

  • Always start your child’s day by powering up with a nutritious breakfast and pack them a healthy lunch, with healthy snack options for school and after-hours activities.
  • Ensure that meals offer a combination of high fibre carbohydrates and some lean protein prepared with healthy fats and accompanied by a variety of vegetables and fruit.
  • Growing children need calcium to support optimum bone growth and development. Increase your child’s dairy intake by including low fat milk to enrich porridge, soups, sauces etc.
  • Make sure your child has a bottle of water to take to school and encourage them to drink regularly during exercise. As a general rule, keep the intake of sugary drinks to a minimum.
  • If your child’s energy needs are high and / or appetite or time is limited, pack in concentrated options like dried fruit or trail mix or a fruit yogurt / smoothie.
  • If your child has multiple training / sports sessions in a day, improve the rate of recovery by incorporating a good quality source of protein e.g. low fat dairy, chicken or egg together with a portion of carbohydrate to be eaten within 40 minutes of training.