Activities that teach kids about vitamins and minerals

Activities that teach kids about vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals can be an abstract idea for kids of all ages. These nutrients are substances found in food and are essential for healthy growth and development. Teaching kids about the role vitamins and minerals play in the body - and which foods supply them - can help kids make healthier food choices today and in the future.

Tailor the Teaching

Kids grow at a rapid rate and need vitamins and minerals to keep up. Some important nutrients for kids include calcium, vitamin D, vitamin A, and B vitamins. Calcium and vitamin D are crucial for strong bones and can be found in dairy products and calcium-fortified foods. Incorporating brightly coloured fruits and vegetables provides the body with vitamin A, improving eyesight. Kids are full of energy, and B vitamins - found in whole grains, eggs and dairy products - help the body create and use that energy.

Create in the kitchen

One way to make vitamins and minerals more familiar is to invite kids into the kitchen. Beyond assisting with food preparation, younger kids can gather ingredients while identifying ways the food helps their body. Older kids can create a menu consisting of certain vitamins and minerals, then prepare those foods for the family. Keep meals colorful to ensure the most vitamin and mineral consumption. For added fun, create a menu using pictures or words describing the food and how it helps the body.